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    Eat Nabati is an affordable, vegan, Middle Eastern restaurant serving hulking falafels and boxes to go. The restaurant honours some classic Middle Eastern favourites, while keeping all but one item on the menu under $10.

    Past the psychedelic mural by local Kensington artist Rowell Soller is the takeout counter where you can order their signature stuffed falafels, $4 a patty.

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    Blog TO: 15 cheap eats you have to try in Kensington Market

    The restaurant on Baldwin is an affordable, vegan, Middle Eastern restaurant serving hulking falafel and boxes to go.

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    Blog TO: Top 10 New Take Out Restaurants

    Falafel, cauliflower, pita sandwiches and kofta are all on the menu at this new plant-based restaurant in Kensington.

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    Daily Hive: A vegan Egyptian restaurant just opened in Toronto

    Toronto just gained a new vegan takeout restaurant, and Egyptian cuisine is on the menu. With bright flavours and authentic spices, Eat Nabati has opened in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

    Small yet mighty, the Egyptian spot owned by Israa Ali has brought her family recipes and Alexandrian background to the forefront, creating plant-based foods for everyone to enjoy.

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    Egyptian Streets: ‘Eat Nabati’: New Egyptian Vegan Restaurant Opens in Toronto

    While it is mostly known for ‘falafel’ and meat dishes in the West, Egyptian cuisine is incredibly diverse and includes a variety of dishes that are also plant-based. A new Egyptian vegan restaurant recently opened in Toronto, Canada, aims to present this diversity of Egypt’s local cuisine through modern twists, serving 100% plant-based food (Nabati) to promote an environmentally sustainable diet while at the same time celebrating traditional Egyptian flavors and dishes.

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    NOW Toronto: The best new plant-based dining options in Toronto

    In August, Kensington Market welcomed this Middle Eastern restaurant, which dishes up 100 per cent plant-based eats. The concept is right there in the name: “Nabati” means “made of plants.” You’ll find meat-free classics such as falafel and halloumi alongside cruelty-free shawarma (soy “chicken”) and kofta (spiced grains mixed with soy, in place of lamb or beef) alongside roasted eggplant, cauliflower spiced with za’atar, and pan-fried mushrooms. Don’t skimp on the tahini.
    160 Baldwin,

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    Scoop Empire: Eat Nabati Is Taking Egyptian Vegan Cuisine All The Way To Toronto!

    Vegans in Toronto are probably living their best lives right now, as their options have increased with the opening of Eat Nabati! The Egyptian Vegan Restaurant is taking things to a whole new level and it’s already making mad waves ever since its launch in June, with features and reviews in local and international media platforms.

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    Taste TO: Kensington Market welcomes vegan Middle Eastern spot

    A new addition to excellent farm-to-table dining in Toronto has officially landed in Kensington Market. As the first of its kind in the city, the vegan Middle Eastern takeout restaurant, Eat Nabati, sets the stage for healthy, fast-casual food with both the gourmand and conscientious eater in mind.


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